Lengthen Telomeres For A Youthful Life

A safe and natural way to extend telomere length and anti-aging

6 Months

Installment Plan

€ 339/Month

Effect Verification

Data Talks

91.11% testers showed 4.34 years younger in biological age

Scientific Formula

Fixed dosage of natural telomerase activator ingredients

Formed an unique patented formula

Chose softgel dosage form-better bioavailability

Safety Guaranteed

100% natural & safe ingredients

Manufactured in Germany under GMP






We recommend to have your telomeres to be tested (based on blood sample) before and after taking TeloPro for 6 months to verify effect. If you live in the below countries, and want to verify TeloPro 's effect, "before" and "after" tests can be provided for free under the condition that your blood sample can be delivered from your address to the independent authoritative third-party testing lab within 48 hours by Fedex Priority.

Please click here to check in advance.

Austria Spain Cyprus ltaly Finland France
Czech Republic United Kingdom Luxembourg
Germany Belgium Portugal Hungary lreland Lithuania
Latvia Denmark Bulgaria Romania Malta Netherlands
Poland Greece Estonia Croatia Slovakia Slovenia

From: 81739 Munich, Germany (Your address)

To: 28010 Madrid, Spain (Lab address)

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Or you can send your information (city, accurate zip code, and country) to service@telo-pro.com. We are pleasant to check for you in advance.

If the blood sample cannot be shipped within 48 hours from your address to the lab in Spain and you cannot enjoy the free tests, we provide you a Recurring Payment Plan with discount here.

The telomere test includes: telomeres test collection kit + anonymous optional online questionnaire + free shipping

Follow the instructions in the collection kit, go to the clinic nearby, take a blood-drawing, and send the blood sample back to the lab without paying the freight


Telomeres are an important biomarker in your body, playing an essential role in your cellular health

Telomere length testing result can help with clinical diagnosis of a variety of conditions, aid to prediction of the likelihood of age related diseases in early emergence

Telomere length testing result can help people to identify their true biological age, take a better control over aging rate and understand better about own bodies and overall aging process

Telomere length testing result can help people to measure their lifestyle improvements

Vegetable Oil (Coconut, Palm), Glycerin, Bovine Gelatin, Soya Lecithin, Silicon Dioxide, Astragalus-Extract, Ginseng-Extract, Sucralose, alpha-Tocopherol, Peppermint Oil

Adults (>25 years old) who

are with poor sleeping, weak immunity, mood disorders, memory decline with aging;

have lower energy level, increased wrinkles;

feel anxious, stressful, fatigable;

want to live younger, healthier and longer.

Take 2 capsules once daily after a meal.

Keep out of reach of children. Store away from direct light, heat and humidity.

Subscribe this plan and recurring pay for 6 months (unsubscription is not acceptable during the 6 months ).


Product Detailed Information Price Recurrence Quantity Total
6 - Month Health Plan
€ 339.00

(7% VAT included)
Every month

I want my telomeres to be tested.

Tick the box, you will get "before" telomere test kit together with the first bottle of TeloPro and "after" telomere test kit with the sixth bottle.

(If you do not have a PayPal Account and want to make payment by bank transaction, please contact service@telo-pro.com)