Telomere length test was performed by LIFE LENGTH S.L. in Spain — World Leader in Advanced and Accurate Telomere Measurement
Independent Authoritative Third-Party Testing Lab
• U.S. Federal CLIA certified / ISO 15 189 internationally accredited
• The only company to measure percentage of short telomere
• Trusted by over 1,000 doctors


Telomeres are an important biomarker in your body, playing an essential role in your cellular health
• Telomere length testing result can help with clinical diagnosis of a variety of conditions, aid to prediction of the likelihood of age related diseases in early emergence
• Telomere length testing result can help people to identify their true biological age, take a better control over aging rate and understand better about own bodies and overall aging process
• Telomere length testing result can help people to measure their lifestyle improvements


• The telomere test includes: telomeres test collection kit + anonymous optional online questionnaire + free shipping
• Follow the instructions in the collection kit, go to the clinic nearby, take a blood-drawing, and send the blood sample back to LIFE LENGTH in Spain without paying the freight
• The telomeres length test service is available for most areas of the following 27 countries in Europe now:
Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Latvia, Poland, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Lithuania, Portugal, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Luxembourg, Romania, Croatia, Finland, Ireland, Malta, Slovakia, Cyprus, France, Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia
If you are not sure whether the blood sample can be delivered to the Lab in Spain within 48 hours from your address, please send your information (city, accurate zip code, and country) to We are pleasant to check for you in advance.
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Telomere test (by LIFE LENGTH)
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