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1.What’s the main ingredient of the product?
After we screened various ingredients which all have the efficacy of telomerase activator, through clinical verification Ginseng and Astragalus were finally selected to be the main ingredients of our product. Our research team finally determined the dosage of these two components to create a balanced and unique formula with plenty of trials.
2.Why do you choose to make TeloPro® as a dosage form of SOFT-GEL?
Firstly, we found Only soft-gels were approved a better absorption by human body due to TeloPro®'s special ingredients after we conducted experiments in many other dosage form such as tablets, pills and normal capsules.

Secondly, the ingredients are purified from Ginseng and Astragalus by taking useful ingredients and removing impurities to ensure better solubility, all useful ingredients are completely dispersed in the medium of TeloPro® products, which cause the high bioavailability compared to normal capsules.

Finally, our soft-gels are chewable, which could better solve the problems of swallowing difficulties for our elder customers.

3.How do you guarantee the quality of your products?
TeloPro® is Made in Germany, which stands as a seal of quality, unmatched service, highest precision, innovation and most importantly, trust.

We make health care dietary supplements strictly in line with the laws and standards for drugs. It is produced according to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) in state-of-the-art facilities in Germany.

4.How do you guarantee the effectiveness of your products?
The mechanism of TeloPro® to affect people’s body is to activate telomerase. Thus, it can slow down, prevent or even reverse the shortening of telomere during cell division. When telomere is no longer shortened, it can delay aging.

The difference of TeloPro® and other products in the dietary supplement market is that, TeloPro® is created to be a dietary supplement whose efficiency can be tested and seen. Since our clinical trials started from 2016, we discovered pleasantly that 91.11% of the testers have the 4.34 years younger biological age averagely compared with the data before they take TeloPro® products.

5.How do you ensure that your products are safe?
The main ingredients, Ginseng and Astagalus are both natural herbs, which are proved to be safe and have been medicinally used for thousands of years.

Besides, TeloPro® provided extensive clinical data to support that it is Generally Recognized as Safe.

6.Does your product contain any allergens?
Please pay attention that our formulation of product contains Soybean lecithin.
7.Is your product free shipped worldwide?
Yes. We cover the shipping fee for our customers.
“Telomeres Longer Or Free Offer” Related:
1.What is “Telomeres Longer Or Free Offer”? Could you please give more detailed introduction?
“Telomeres Longer Or Free ” is a special offer we provide to you (our customers) based on our confidence in this product.

All of you may join in by applying first on our website.

The one who joined in this special offer needs to keep subscribing and taking TeloPro® at least 6 months.

We will send a free collection kit of telomeres test together with the first bottle of TeloPro® products (2 capsules per day, 60 capsules in a bottle can fulfill the amount of one month’s taking). However, before starting to take the gels, you should have a test using the first kit we sent. After you have taken TeloPro® for 6 months, we will ship the second kit to you. Please perform the second telomere test.

Comparing the results data of telomeres’ change got from these two tests, if your telomeres lengthen, then it is “Telomeres Longer”. Conversely, we will offer a full refund of your payment (“Free”).
2.I would like to join, but why didn’t you approve my application?
We are so regret that your application was not approved. Because of the limited number of participants, our system will select the participants randomly. Even though your application was not approved, you can still purchase our product by bottle on the PRODUCT page of our site.
3.What can I do if there is no doctor can take my blood-draw when I get my test kit?
There are Test Requisition Form, Instructions, Service Terms and other guiding book enclosed in the kit. Please read it carefully, follow the Instruction, bring the forms and make an appointment for blood-draw with your doctor.

As far as we know, your family doctor or the clinics can do it for you.

4.When is the best time to arrange the blood-draw and the sample delivery?
There is no exact time requirements such as in the morning or in the afternoon for blood drawing. But because the blood samples need to reach the testing institution within 48 hours and the express package in Europe usually takes 48 hours to arrive. In order to avoid your sample arriving in non-working hours of the testing institution, you need to make an appointment with the doctor to arrange blood-draw from Monday to Wednesday, and contact with telomere test institution 2 days ahead of the time of blood-draw taking.
5.For sending my sample to the test institution, do I need to pay testing and shipping fees?
No, you do not need to pay testing and shipping fees.
6.What should I do if I was told my blood sample was not suitable for testing?
If you strictly follow the detailed instructions and prepare the blood sample according to the files in the kit, this situation will usually not happen. Once you received a failed sample notice, please contact us immediately. We will provide assistance for you.
7.Can I keep taking TeloPro® even when I have finished the subscription of the special offer?
Sure, you can still keep the subscription to take TeloPro® when you finished the special offer of taking TeloPro® and the two telomere test. We highly recommend to take the products for at least one year to consolidate the obvious effectiveness you have reached.
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Where is TeloPro’s Office located? Can I have a visit?
TeloPro Biosciences GmbH located in Munich, Germany. And TeloPro Biosciences Inc. is in California, USA.

At present, due to the limited capacity for customers reception , there is no reception for customers to visit.

Please leave your phone number and email address with the “subject” VISITING in the page of “Contact us”, we will contact you separately if there is an open day for customers in the future.

Other Related:
Can I take TeloPro® when I am suffered in xxxx diseases?
The mechanism of TeloPro® to affect people’s body is to activate telomerase to achieve Anti-aging. We sincerely recommend you to consult your doctor before taking.