"Before" And "After" Free Telomeres Length Test
(Tested By LIFE LENGTH — World Leader In Telomere Measurement)
We Offer A Full Refund
If TeloPro® Does Not Make Your Telomeres Longer!
Lengthen Telomeres For A Youthful Life!


This special offer is highly recommended for the proactive people who are interested in forefront anti-aging method, serious about making changes that help them live younger, healthier, longer.
Item you get
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TeloPro® for the 1st month
339.00 €
(7% VAT included)
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"Before" telomere test
399.00 €
TeloPro® for the 2nd to 6th month
339.00 € / month
(7% VAT included)
Monthly pay
"After" telomere test
399.00 €

Introduction of special offer

  • Subscribe for 6 months
  • You will be charged automatically 339.00 €/month (1 bottle) from PayPal, 6 months with totally 2,034.00 €
  • You get 6 bottles of TeloPro® +"Before" and "After" FREE telomeres length test, total value of 2,832.00 €
  • If TeloPro® does not make your telomeres longer after 6 months, you can
    • 1. Get an extension chance: free 3 bottles of TeloPro® + free “last” telomere test
    • 1.1 After taking TeloPro® for another 3months and perform the “last” telomere test, if your telomeres are still not longer than before, Get FULL refund of 2,034.00 €
    • 1.2 If your telomeres are longer, you can continue to purchase TeloPro®
Telomere Length Test was performed by LIFE LENGTH S.L. — World Leader in Advanced and Accurate Telomere Measurement
(Independent Authoritative Third-Party Testing Lab)
  • U.S. Federal CLIA certified / ISO 15189 internationally accredited
  • The only company to measure percentage of short telomere
  • Trusted by over 1,000 doctors
  • Providing services in over 35 countries worldwide
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